High Reliability

Airia Machinery Work for Your Result

Our Printing Machines You Can Rely On

  1. Low maintenance

  2. Long machine lifetimes

  3. New generation MITSUBISHI PLC with HAKKO HMI panel.

  4. All ink pressure and register adjustment can be made quickly while printing machine is running.

PE Tube Tette
Plastic Tube Printing Machine

T800 HG

Plastic Tube 8 Color Printing, Coating and Drying Machine

Machine Features

  1. Dry offset high printing quality up to 8 colors.

  2. Suitable for LDPE squeezable tube, HDPE rigid tube or silicon sealant cartridge of products.

  3. All ink pressure and register adjustment can be adjusted while machine is running.

  4. Gas flame or Corona pre-treatment.

  5. Ink fountain with cooling system.

  6. Sleeved tube print system.

  7. No tube no print and no coating system.

  8. UV or solvent lacquer drying system.


  1. Printing diameter: 15~70 mm

  2. Max. printing length: 250 mm

  3. Max. printing speed: 120 pcs/min

Our Story

How It All Began

AIRIA MACHINERY was established in 1985 and located in Taiwan. For more than 20 years now, we has been designing and manufacturing plastic machine, such as Plastic tube 5 layers extruding and cutting machine, 8 color printing coating and drying machine and injection heading machine.

We look forward to working with you to build a mutually benefited long-term relationship and offer a trusty assistant in packaging needs. Working with our machines give your company an instant competitive advantage.

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